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Project Planning

From the first contact, we strive to understand your needs and objectives thoroughly. We conduct an initial meeting to learn about your project’s or brand’s requirements, identify your goals, and understand your expectations. During this meeting, we gather detailed information through a comprehensive questionnaire that helps us capture all the specifications and preferences you have in mind.

With the collected information, we prepare a detailed proposal that includes a clear description of the project scope, specific objectives, a timeline with important milestones, and associated costs. This proposal is designed to ensure that both parties are aligned before starting the work. Additionally, we discuss and agree on the terms and conditions, including delivery deadlines and payment methods. Our goal is to establish a solid and clear foundation from the beginning to avoid misunderstandings and ensure smooth collaboration.

Tools Used

At BQStudio, we employ a variety of cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure maximum quality and efficiency in the development of our custom WordPress web projects. Below are the main tools we use:

Boost your online presence with a custom Website

Design of a Simple Web Page
Ideal for small businesses and professionals in need of a basic online presence. We offer an attractive design, intuitive navigation, and mobile optimization. Perfect for portfolios, blogs, and informational sites.
Website with Catalog Display
Showcase your products or services in an organized and professional manner. We design visually appealing and easy-to-navigate catalogs that allow your customers to explore your offerings efficiently.
Development of a Professional Website
For companies in need of advanced functionalities and a more robust appearance. We integrate custom features, SEO optimization, and sophisticated design to highlight your brand and attract your customers.
eCommerce Website
Transform your business with a comprehensive online store. We develop eCommerce solutions that include inventory management, secure payment gateways, and a seamless shopping experience, optimized to convert visitors into customers.


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