Frequently Asked Questions
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What services does BQStudio offer?
At BQStudio, we offer a wide range of custom web development services in WordPress. This includes the design of simple web pages, websites with product catalogs, professional pages development, and online stores (eCommerce). Additionally, we provide maintenance and post-launch support services
How long does it take to develop a website?
The development time varies according to the complexity and specific requirements of the project. A simple website can take between 2 and 4 weeks, while a more complex project, such as a professional website or an online store, can take from 6 to 12 weeks. During the planning stage, we provide a detailed schedule with estimated delivery dates.
What is the cost of developing a website?
The cost depends on several factors, such as the type of website, required functionalities, and the complexity of the design. We offer a personalized quote after the initial meeting and gathering information about the project. Contact us to get a detailed proposal tailored to your needs.
Can I update my website on my own after the launch?
Yes, we develop websites in WordPress, a platform that makes it easy to manage and update content. We provide basic training so you can make updates and minor changes on your own. We also offer maintenance and ongoing support services if you prefer us to handle the updates.
Will my website be mobile-friendly?
Yes, we ensure that your website is compatible with mobile devices. We design and develop websites with responsive design techniques, which means that your site will adjust and look great on various screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets
What happens if I encounter an issue after the launch?
We offer initial support after the launch to address any issues that may arise. Additionally, we provide ongoing maintenance plans that include security updates, regular backups, and performance monitoring to ensure that your website runs smoothly in the long term.
Can you integrate my website with social media and other services?
Yes, we can integrate your website with a variety of services and platforms, including social media, payment systems, marketing tools, and more. These integrations help enhance the functionality of your site and optimize your marketing and sales efforts.
What information do I need to provide to start the project?
To start the project, we need information about your goals, audience, content, and any specific features or functionality you want to include. During the initial meeting, we will provide you with a detailed questionnaire to gather all the necessary information to design and develop your website according to your needs.
Can you redesign my current website?
Yes, we offer redesign services to update and enhance your current website. We will analyze your existing site, identify areas for improvement, and work with you to create an updated design that better reflects your brand and meets your business goals.

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